Top 10 Job Placements for Mass Communication Graduates

June 21, 2022
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Over the past few decades, the field of mass communication has undergone a significant transformation. There is an increased need for media professionals with profound journalistic skills that are taught in BJMC colleges in Noida. It's crucial for graduates of mass communication programmes to find good job placements that will support them in establishing successful careers because of the rising level of corporate competition. At JIMS Noida, we provide defined BJMC curriculum decked with both theoretical and practical knowledge which is a rare thing in mass communication colleges nearby Greater Noida.

In this informative blog, we are going to detail the top 10 industries where graduates of mass communication programmes can find the best jobs. We hope this helps you to take a wise decision to choose the right direction in media related job opportunities.

The top 10 most sought-after jobs in mass communication are listed below:

  • Journalist

Delivering accurate, unbiased news to the general public on the basis of in-depth investigation and documentation is part of journalism. A journalist's job description includes covering any event in a specific area, gathering information, and disseminating it to the public via printed and digital media.

  • Public Relations Expert

You are best suited for jobs in public relations if you have a BJMC degree because it gives you excellent communication, negotiation, interpersonal, and management skills. Leading businesses are always looking for talented people who can effectively represent their brands and forge strong connections and networks in the market.

  • Content Writer

The demand for content writers has increased significantly as a result of the rising consumption of content across all industries. A content writing profile is the best fit for you if you have strong writing abilities and want to use them to launch a lucrative career.

  • Event Manager

Event management is a new profession that is booming with career opportunities. You can learn more about the field of event management if you enjoy organising, coordinating, and managing events, including all aspects of coordination, creative execution, finances, resource acquisition, etc.

  • Director/Producer of TV and film

The demand for creative producers and directors in the entertainment industry has increased as a result of the post-pandemic era's explosive growth in media consumption. You can enter the media industry and explore a variety of profiles, such as those of television and film directors and producers, by studying journalism and mass communication.

  • Digital Marketing Expert

For professionals with a BJMC degree, the field of digital marketing has been extremely fertile in today's technology-driven world. With this degree, students are given the modern skills needed for a thriving career in digital marketing.

  • Columnist

The majority of us must be familiar with some type of topic-focused section or segment in a newspaper or magazine. Politics, education, entertainment, and the like may all have sections that are overseen by professional columnists with training in journalism and mass communication.

  • Radio Jockeying

One of the well-liked and fascinating careers available to Bachelor of Mass Media graduates is radio jockeying. It is appropriate for people with a clear voice, creativity, sense of humour, social graces, and fluency.

  • Photography

This career is for you if you enjoy clicking on beautiful pictures. As social media has grown, so has the demand for photographers.

  • Advertising

Everything has advertising, including billboards and social media platforms. You may have noticed the ads before or between the video or song you are listening to while using Spotify or watching a YouTube video; these are all advertisements. Advertising entails contacting the target market and convincing them to purchase the product. If you are creative, capable of managing projects, and able to provide clients with the content they need, you should consider trying this field as a recent Bachelor of Mass Media graduate.

Final Thoughts

These are just ten of the opportunities available to Mass Media Communication graduates who complete their education from the best colleges for BJMC in Delhi-NCR. You can open the gates for a plethora of opportunities by joining JIMS Noida. The path to find the right job yourself can be a steep task, but a career in media is worth the hard work. To know more about Mass Media Communication, reach us at: +918287521407 or visit: