Top 5 Career Options After BBA: Best Start for Your Management Career

June 29, 2022
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Hey there, you are probably on the edge about pursuing a BBA degree and wondering about its benefits for your future career. You are here reading because you understand its demand in the modern era. No matter the industry, a strong foundation in management as a skill set will help you follow the career of your liking..

As one of the best BBA colleges in Delhi NCR, ranked among the top 5 that offer BBA programmes, let us guide you on the top 5 career paths a bachelor's degree in business administration will help you with.

  • Top 5 Management Career Options

(Become a Data Scientist or a Business Analyst)

If the digital age has taught us anything, it's the abundance of data we are surrounded by. When we talk of data, it's not just personal information floating around, but critical data that can affect business decisions, and be responsible for critical choices affecting tangible growth.

Did you think data science was limited to the tech-minded only? While it requires you to know programming languages, in the end, you will be putting together your BBA skills to analyse structured and unstructured data that will help create business plans to foster growth. As a student of the BBA programme at JIMS Noida, one of the private colleges in Noida for BBA, you will develop skills that will help you even when you veer into a field like data science.

  • Expertise in Blockchain Technology

(Become a Blockchain Application Architect or a Blockchain Manager)

Blockchain is one of the biggest technologies revolutionising the world right now. And you can be sure that it will play a big role in the future, especially due to its scope in data security among others. Many companies and organisations are implementing this technology nowadays and as it's a new technology, there is a lot of demand for blockchain experts.

As a student having studied in one of the best BBA colleges in Noida you will be armed with the knowledge to utilise modern technology in enhancing your work. You can implement this to further your career using blockchain.

  • Product Planning and Execution

(Become a Product Analyst, a Product Marketing Manager or a Product Designer)

Did you know that the demand for product managers is on the rise? If that job profile doesn't instil excitement in you, here's what you are required to do as a product manager - handle product planning and execution throughout its lifecycle.

You will be defining the product's vision and working closely with different teams throughout its cycle to ensure its success. As someone in this field, you will be in charge of market research, perform analysis and help plan product development.

  • Digital Marketing Sphere

(Become a Digital Marketing Analyst or a Key Accounts Manager)

With the advent of the internet era, the world has been brought closer in ways previously unthought of. But this has also enabled brands to reach out to millions of people over social media. As someone with a strong foundation in management, you can deeply affect the marketing aspect of it. JIMS Noida, being among the best private colleges for bba in Delhi NCR, will prepare you to excel in a career in digital marketing.

You can join a digital marketing agency or an in-house department as an analyst by analysing the marketing trends and uncovering decisions that impact the strategies. You could also directly interact with clients as a key accounts manager and oversee their requirements in the field.

  • Serving the Public

(Join Public Services)

Among the popular choices a BBA graduate could go for is to become a public servant. Individuals from different educational backgrounds have gone for the civil services and as a student of JIMS Noida pursuing the BBA programme, you can bring in a different perspective too.

Apart from the prestige, you will also be serving the nation and helping it grow in ways you couldn't do anywhere else. As a civil servant you will be managing government organisations and bringing new policies to the public depending on the department you join up with.

  • Conclusion

There are multitudes of choices for you to consider taking up the BBA programme at JIMS Noida. Aside from the fact that we were ranked 1st among the top BBA colleges in the northern region, we have more to offer for your education here. Check out more here on how JIMS Noida can benefit you and your future career.