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February 01, 2023
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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a three years' professional degree programme, in which a student is well nurtured and is imparted with multiple skills like marketing skills, selling skills, communication skills, convincing skills, stress management skills, entrepreneurial skills and creativity etc. Delhi Institute of Higher Education (DIHE)-JIMS has started BBA programme in 2022 affiliated to Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU), Meerut. In this three years' degree programme, a student studies subjects related to different fields like Marketing, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Operations, Statistics, Human Resource and general management. After studying these subjects, students are able to perform multiple jobs like: Marketing Executive, Sales Representatives, Public Relation Executives, Finance Executives, Accountant, Office Executive, Counselors, Operation Executive, Statisticians, Management Trainee and Human Resource Executive etc.

Delhi Institute of Higher Education (DIHE)-JIMS Noida is delivering BBA with a high focus on development of skills and analytical abilities of students by using the following tools:

1. Case Studies:

All faculty members use case studies in their teaching pedagogy to make the students able to understand the situation given in the case study , to identify the problem given in the case study and then to suggest a prompt solution to the problem.

2. Presentations:

Students are given current topics related to their syllabus and asked to explore the topics and give presentations in the class. Consequently they are able to develop their knowledge pool and presentation skills.

3. Industrial Visits:

One Industrial Visit is done in every semester at DIHE-JIMS Noida. During these industrial visits, students get the opportunity to know how the work is done in an industry. They also get a chance to talk to the industry persons to get more insights. Students also get opportunity to see the different processes of the industry like manufacturing process, service delivery process etc. during the visit.

4. Industry Guest Lectures:

Industry Guest lectures is also a part of DIHE-JIMS academics. Guest lectures are scheduled in each semester. In these guest lectures, students are given more industry knowledge. In these sessions, students are able to correlate their subject topics with industrial applications.

5. Workshops:

Certain application based workshops are conducted at DIHE-JIMS Noida to give more hands-on experience to students in various tools like Advanced Excel, SPSS etc. Consequently, students are able to do more work with the help of certain statistical tools.

All above mentioned tools help the students to enhance their knowledge, develop their multiple skills and nurture their talent. Students are able to apply their gained knowledge, developed skills and nurtured talent in their job roles like:

  1. Marketing Executives: To communicate with the customers confidently and promote the product before them.
  2. Sales Officer: To convince the customers for purchasing the product i.e. to make a sales pitch.
  3. Finance Executive: To analyze the financial statements i.e. ledger, balance sheets and cash flow statements.
  4. Public Relationship Executive: To conduct meetings with the clients and dealers and develop good relations.
  5. Statistical Analyst: To analyze the statistical statements and make interpretations.
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Dr. Rohit Mahajan
Assistant Professor-Management