Importance of Media Visits for Students of Journalism and Mass Communication

February 23, 2023
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The course of Journalism and Mass Communication is the best for the students, who are creative, good communicators and tech savvy. The aspirants of this course look out for the institutions that can provide them good practical skill along with the syllabus coverage. The students can be trained with the skills of writing in the institution with the help of special practical classes, but the practical exposure through media visits is of utmost importance. These visits make the students explore the live production in the studio with the practical exposure. The level of investment made by the production houses also introduces the students to the latest technology being used in the field and how the various steps of production are executed in a live recording.

The first skill learnt by students is of the interaction. The students are made part of the show as live audience members, who are told to ask the meaningful questions from the experts. The students, as a result study all the details of a current issue, critically analyze the story in discussion and then prepare their questions in a proper way. There are most of the students, who can critically analyze the situation and prepare good questions but do not feel confident enough to ask their queries. The interactions during such debates and visits make them confident enough to raise their point. The competitive spirit also influences them to participate when their friends or classmates are appreciated for their participation.

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The students learn also learn the art of live presentation as an anchor. The educational institutions try their best to organize the guest lectures, but the real exposure comes through witnessing the live production in a studio. The students learn the anchoring skills, when they see the anchors introducing the topic, guests and ensuring that that the discussion remains on track. They inspire the students to conduct in depth studies, develop good communication skills and handle the audience as well.

The technical knowhow of studio production is also very important. The students witness the technical crew and their role in the productions which are broadcasted on televisions and internet. The coordination among the technical staff is crucial at the time of recording and any delay on any part can be the cause of technical error. So, the lighting, camera and the coordination among the members of Production Control Room (PCR) and the anchor ensure the safe delivery of any TV program.

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We, here at DIHE Noida ensure that our students visit the media houses on regular basis and gain the maximum out of it. Our students of BAJMC (Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication) Semester I , have visited SANSAD TV, TV 18(UP, Uttrakhand), TV 18 National, Bharat 24, Amar Ujala, Sanskar Studios at least ten times during the first semester and have been the part of programs like Sahitya AAJ TAK, SUPER INDIANS(hosted by Superstar Govinda), ABP News Band event in addition to the being part of the shooting of program ‘Hawa Kidhar Hai’ by renowned news anchor Ghanshyam Upadhyay. Anshika, a student from BAJMC shares her experience by saying that she feels confident when she asks her questions directly from the politicians. Yash Tiwari, another student from BAJMC feels very enthusiastic to see the anchors interacting and handling the live audience. Meeting with renowned news anchors like Anurag Muskan, Amish Devgan, Kriti Mishra, Saeed Ansari and superstar Govinda.

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Dr Vijayta Taneja
Associate Professor