Management & Digital transformation

February 23, 2023
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Digital transformation is the process of using cardinal skills to create new - or fundamentally improve the different aspects to cater business progressions along with the positive impact on different industry products, or services. Digital transformation not only brings a vital change which could be difficult to define and moreover harder to achieve.

Now, if we talk about the role of digital transformation at global level. The primary focus will be more on the digital marketing corporates such as clutch, webi360, webchutney, pinstorm etc. Students who wish to pursue graduation degree in management will surely look for the best colleges in Greater Noida. The search will only be complete in case they find the combination of digital transformation skills and BBA courses in Noida instantaneously.

With technology playing a graduallyleading role in different decision-making approach and actions, there's a budding need for a new kind of professional - one with a hybrid of managerial skills and technical efficiency - that's possibly available in thebest colleges in Noida.

The difficulty is finding the right college with the right courses and attributes for the career growth in future. Traditional graduation qualification routes have, so far, overlooked technical digital skills, so will the growing industry will opt for someone with an old academic pedigree and an interest in technology, or someone from already having digital certification diploma or degree along with the traditional courses?

In the upcoming years the growth of students willconstantlybe on thinking, how to make optimum use of technology during the course learning sessions. The best way to do is, to let the students find out a solution for the assigned topic. Give the students freedom to get into their laptops and find out the best suited answer or examples to the case study or scenario or concept that are taught in their learning sessions. Infact, this is the cornerstone to make them the successful future leaders. Because as an institute & guide you can't be the one to have all the answers, but with this TEAM Activity, you can get multiple answers and point of views of one concept or topic that is going. So, this is true that Team activity could be one way for the students for sharing their ideas and become an active participant. They also feel valued and that indirectly boost their level of confidence as well.

Next comes, the term "Digi-green business" which is used in discussions of businesses and business practices which are viewed to be technically &environmentally sound. It is a practice to make the upcoming students more environment friendly and since some of them will be future entrepreneurs, so it is extremely important that apart from the theoretical knowledge that they receive, Digi-green business also creates a broader thinking in them.Digital transformation in BBA not only helps prospective students to connect with the industry but also help them to have a clear vision and focus for their career in the upcoming technical understanding global corporate world. The result will be a true blended style that enables students to become powerful leaders, enough to be heard and attractive enough to be followed.

Best Regards
Dr Sonal Jauhari
Assistant Professor Management