October 07, 2022
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Graduation erudition is very important step to be taken by students. There are various students, facing issues in selecting one stream from the versatile course opportunities, which will not only provide them academic benefit after completion, it should also give an edge to their future career. With arrival of online smooth communication during pandemic, both new teaching methodologies as well as new versions of existing methodologies are now completely revised and updated for the digital generation.

These are the most used techniques in management classes at present- Virtual Project-Based Learning (VPBL), Experiential learning, Problem based learning, hands on experience on the live corporate modules through mock sessions, thinking based learning and many more. After so much in plate, still the question remains the same, Is BBA the correct choice after 12th? Who among all are the best colleges in Greater Noida? To get more understanding on the same, its very important to understand & ponder on the upcoming question...

  • Are we Industry Ready?

Today's corporate demands are that the young professionals should be productive from Day 1 of their job and for this, best BBA Colleges in Noida provides a platform for our millennials via introducing them to live sessions &projects, Industrial Visits, real time-based case study discussions, interactive guest sessions, panel discussions and much more from the beginning of the first semester.

ABC- Attitude, Behaviour and Confidence are the basic three mantras we are looking for the aspiring student applicants. Having the correct bend of Positive Attitude which not only helps the student for focusing on self-development but also giving back to the society as well as peer group members.

"B-Behaviour is the mirror in which we can display our image" by Mahatma Gandhi.

After attitude, comes Behaviour which again play a vital role in preparing the students Industry relevant. The students learn behaviours through the feedback and consequences they receive during the various activities and events conducted in BBA colleges like- Sports Club, Cultural club, CSR Club, Eco Club, Entrepreneurship cell etc.

Last but not the least is C-Confidence, it comes with the feeling of well-being, positive thinking, knowledge, talking to other people and most importantly meditation. The BBA courses in Noida, also have created a platform now a days, for students and faculty with regular meditation sessions for Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Connect. It helps in conscious expansion, focus with pure body and mind.

When it comes to being receptive for Innovation, Technology, Science and Entrepreneurship. Without a blink we can quote the unique success stories of the management students start Ups, which grows under the umbrella of Incubation cell across country. BBA also provides a vast exposure in developing managerial skills, Open job market scope, and an excellent foundation course for those, who want to pursue PGDM/ MBA. In its strive to achieve excellence and make management education relevant and industry focused, BBA courses in Noida continuously innovates to align the curriculum to industry need.

"Every Innovator needs to dream,
Every Dream needs an Innovation
Every Innovation needs a platform."

Dr. Sonal Jauhari
Assistant Professor Management