Career in Artificial Intelligence for IT Students

November 14, 2022
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AI or ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is the most emerging subject now a days. The concept of AI is how to make intelligent and independent machines. It is a combination of computer, robotics which is capable of performing human-like intelligence in learning and executing any task, for examples how to recognize objects, understand and respond to language, making decisions, solving a problem.

Machine learning is considered the branch of AI or we can say it is only a subset of AI, Machine learning refers to the concept that how computer programs develops its intelligence and can independently learn from and change to new data without any human involvement

The basic principle of Artificial Intelligence also the Research in AI has a prime focus mainly on the components of intelligence is that it thinks and act like a human such as any kind of problem solving ,thinking ability independently, learning, reasoning, and using language.

According to the recent system of categorisation, there are four major AI types: reactiveness, short memory, mind game, and self-awareness.

Major Components of Artificial Intelligence

For any machine who act like human intelligence and execute given tasks, it should have following components-

Hardware- GPU basically used in AI


The presence of a suitable framework is most important. It is the basic building block of AI technology. Matlab, Python, R and Azure are most commonly used.

Application Programming Interface or API are used for building software and applications.

Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

The next revolution in the IT sector is Artificial intelligence. AI and machine learning, deep learning demand have increased in the industry, all the IT sector require in-depth knowledge of all the upcoming technologies with hands-on experience.

Any person looking for a career in AI should have proper concept as well as practical knowledge about the subject. Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity in public as well as government sectors. Hence, chances of career growth in Artificial Intelligence is so high

Job opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence's job opportunities are in big demand ,so one should be very mush professional in this with the practical knowledge. Below are some options after doing AI

1. Data Scientists

In the present scenario, data scientist demand is high. This position is at the top in in any IT industry.

It's main job is to gather important data from different sources to come up with some result. The conclusions made from the data is required to make decisions for the company's welfare in the long run. one should be good at analytical skills for this position

2. AI Data Analyst

Primary work is to carry out data mining, data cleaning, and data interpretation from pre collected data .

The requirements of an AI data analyst are at boom in any IT sector
Basic requirements of being an AI data analyst:

Degree in computer science and mathematics is required.
Good knowledge to use MS Excel in work.

Mini Verma
Assistant Professor