A career in Online Journalism - Future of India

November 18, 2022
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There was a time when print media played an important role in making India aware of independence. In this way, we cannot deny the role of print, but today due to the increasing influence of new media, print is spreading towards broadcasting. Today we can't turn away from digital media. Today media literacy is most needed, we use media. All types of media are available on mobile but do we even know this media? There is a need to make the whole social media literate. India has felt its impact.

As we know, today there are more than 4 million internet users in the world, who use the internet for about 2-3 hours every day. The whole world has become a global village, today almost every person is connected to the internet. Be it related to any sector, today nothing is possible without digital. Today every person among youthuses different types of new platforms like OTT platforms, digital startups, news portalshaveset the trend towards a new career in media. There has been diversity in the media career. The web has increased the supremacy of digital media. Today, the increasing demand for digital has emerged as a better career option for students studying journalism. We cannot deny the power of digital and if we look at the figures, it will be known that there has been a jump of 13% in digital media, and it will increase further in the coming times.

If the future journalists coming today learn new media tools, then you can make the future better by choosing options like copy editing, audio-video editing, page making, photo editing, and digital media expert work. Due to the increasing influence of the news portal, the young journalist can also prepare for writing content as a new career and can make the future bright in the field of journalism. Digital media has established itself as a big industry. Industries around the world have found success through digital media marketing. Due to the number of people using social media today and the lack of understanding of this media has offered various career options like digital advertising, web, graphics portal, app development, search engine optimization (SEO).

Today digital education, retail, and industry around the world have got success only through digital media marketing, hospitality services, etc. are looking for future digital experts. Therefore, now students in the media field can make a career as content writers, search engine optimization experts, social media strategists, video designers, digital journalists, social media experts, and photo and video experts. Digital media today has given an opportunity for journalism in regional languages apart from Hindi, and English. So digital media is like a new hope for India which is providing new opportunities to young journalists.

According to the industry demand, JIMS College is providing online media tools and technics for media students and providing a skilled class for BJMC students. JIMS is preparing knowledgeable skilled journalists for India who has good digital media knowledge. And digital media is the future of India and it will be a demanding career opportunity for new media journalists.

Dr. Veena Hada
Professor, Department of Journalism
(JIMS Noida, Uttar Pradesh)