Career Oriented Skills for Journalism and Mass Communication Students

December 19, 2022
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The course of Journalism and Mass Communication is considered to be best for the students who want to do something creative and out of the box. The students interested in this course seek career in plethora of fields like news anchoring, radio jockeying, news writing, video editing, camera handling, news production, freelancing, social media handling etc. The colleges offering BAJMC and MAJMC courses should nurture the students in a way that a skill set is developed and students can get hiring opportunities in any field they want to be in. The students select the course after 10+2 in any stream be it arts, commerce, science, technology etc, as the course offers multidisciplinary approach and is suitable for all if one is clear about the goal. So, it is a big challenge for all the educational institutions is to prepare the students with skills which can lead them to a better future and develop their interest as well.

The first and foremost skill is to have a good knowledge of current affairs. The events occurring around are most important to be known by the students who seek career in any branch related to Journalism and mass communication. The basic knowledge about history, geography and constitution of India are necessary to be known as this knowledge can always add to the presentation skills of the students. The relation of events with personalities and their profiles can develop the student's interest in current affairs. So reading newspapers and magazines on regular basis should be the routine of mass communication students.

In addition to it, typing speed in the regional language along with Hindi and English is must to be learnt. It can be a pathway to get good internship opportunities at the initial stage of your career. The media organizations look out for the trainees who can develop a good content for their organizations. So, the creative writing should be included in the practical sessions even if it is not mentioned in the syllabus. A flair for writing can lead the students to get hiring opportunities in Advertising, Radio Jockeying, and Public Relations in addition to content writing. The creativity along with language proficiency can make them a confident writer which can help them in entering the fields of cinema and TV Production. A dialogue writer, script writer or copy writer earns much when it comes to salary packages.

To be a good writer, one should be an avid reader also. A connect with good literature can help in developing a wonderful vocabulary, which in turn can make the writing more effective.

The students can choose the language and literature which they find interesting and can read a number of books to change their perceptual window to the outer world. In addition to reading, the students must practice the art of speaking too. Now-a-days, myriad platforms are available to give voice to the budding talents. The students must explore such opportunities to gain confidence. The institutional level debate competitions, panel discussions and participation in channel programs can be a good way to practice the art of speaking.

Students can either have generalized knowledge or specialized, depending upon their choice. For instance, subjects like organizational theory, human resource management, etc. help students to understand organizational structure, the behavior of resources, the foundation of an organization, etc. The other subjects like ethics, strategy management, corporate law, merger, acquisition, etc. further help students to connect the dots of business management from a holistic perspective.

Those, who are able to gain above mentioned skills can use their all day companion, their mobile to write, record, edit and publish their video or audio stories. The mobile journalism has already resulted in ensuring people participation in journalism in the form of Citizen Journalism. Numerous apps can be downloaded from mobile, which can help in nurturing a budding journalist. The still photography, camera handling, video editing, training in software like Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw, Audacity, Nuendo etc. are the other skills to be learnt during the three years of degree. We, here at JIMS Noida, try our best to inculcate all these skills among our students, so that they can emerge as trained professionals, who can be placed with reputed organizations.

Dr. Vijayta Taneja
Associate Professor
Dept of JMC, JIMS Noida